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Friday, April 1, 2005

AdSense Tip

Deane of Gadgetopia removed the border around his Google AdSense ads... and his clickthrough rate almost doubled.

Misspelling Suggestion API

So, Yahoo’s Misspelling API prank actually works (I wonder if it will get permanent support). Here are some misspelled movie titles:


Wordnews shows the words of the day (the bigger, the more often it appears in news). It looks like this is based on the Yahoo News API. [Via J-Walk.]

Google-Yahoo Merger

The news won’t stop today: Search Engine Watch reports on the Google-Yahoo merger. Both Search Engine Roundtable and Search Engine Lowdown back this up. (Interestinc concept: a coordinated April 1st prank.)

Search Engine Watch also has news on a coming GoogleJet.


Booble, former adult search engine, is gone. In its place we now find Biible, “because sex is just wrong.” Not completely safe for work.

Google Gulp Invites at EBay

The first Google Gulp Caps are being auctioned at EBay.

Google Firefox

The wait is over: here’s Google Firefox to rediscover the web the Googleplex way.

Everything2 Google

Everything2 today has been assimilated by Google today (it’s now called Google Communities, Beta).

Sixfoo 360

Yahoo 360 is rather young, but already spoofed:

“Create yet another place online. Share pictures of your cat. Create a blather. Make the same lists of crap you made somewhere else last week, send out a BLAMMO, crush on an indie chick and abandon it all after only 12 days. (...)

Tag each other silly until you can’t feel your toes. It’s a great way to feel like something new and important might be happening before the bubble bursts again in early 2007.”

[Via Waxy.]

Along the same lines: Yahoo 180.


Slashdot’s joining the gallery of Google-related April Fool’s, and reports gSat (the Google Satellite) will today make a picture of all of us – so we better go outside and smile.

Google Stock Charts

I think this is new: direct stock charts at the top of search results. Previously, you’d only have a link when you enter GOOG, YHOO and similar. [Via the original Google Weblog.]

Yahoo Slacker

Yahoo announces Yahoo Slacker, a service aimed at, well, slackers. In Germany, we’d say “April April.” [Via SEW.]


Another prank, this one by Ask Jeeves (and currently in beta): the Jeeves9000 is the next-generation humanoid search robot. Video clips showing the bot in action are available. The videos are funny, especially when Jeeves9000 holds up a sign “Ask is a verb too.” [Via Dirson.]

Boring Boring

Nice – the new Boing Boing parody Boring Boring even makes fun of this blog’s Web of Letters. [Via Waxy.]

Update: Here’s another Boing Boing parody – Gakker.

MSN Search Spoof

At the new MSN Search Spoof, you can enter the name of friend, co-worker or spouse to create funny fake search results. [Thanks Tony Ruscoe.]


UnderGoos is a new underwear search engine. [Via SEW.]

Plus, you can dress Larry here.

Google Sandbox Patent

SEO-Scoop says Google filed a patent which proves the Google Sandbox theory (the effect when a new site ranks well for some weeks, to then heavily drop). [Via InsideGoogle.]

Google Ride Finder

Google introduces Google Ride Finder, which integrates Google Maps with a cab-finding service. According to Google, now you can “find a taxi, limousine or shuttle using real time position of vehicles." The official Google Blog has more. [Thanks Jason Schramm, Andres N. R.]

Google April Fool’s

We knew we were in for some surprises today. Here’s the first: Google April Fool’s has been released, and it searches “everything related to April Fool’s Day.”


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