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Thursday, April 7, 2005

Annotated New York Times

The Annotated New York Times “tracks blog postings that cite articles published by The New York Times,” and it does so very well. (Steve Rubel says this is “perhaps the most incredible blog/aggregator” that he has ever seen.)

Google vs RSS

Steve Rubel ponders why Google is syndication shy.

Google Sightseeing

Now there’s a blog devoted to Google Sightseeing. Every post covers something interesting found in Google Maps, satellite view. [Via Waxy.]

Also see mapping hacks.

First Floor Image Search

The Yahoo API based Image Search by First Floor looks like Windows’ internal gallery functionality. An interesting approach for displaying image search results.

FindForward Cluster

My FindForward now features cluster links to the right side of normal search results. Give it a try by searching for e.g. horse, and you can find the search suggestions horse racing, horse pictures, horse trailers, dark horse comics, dream horse, and crazy horse. This new FindForward feature makes use of the Yahoo API and its “Related Suggestions” service.

Technorati’s Related Tags

Technorati now allows you to jump from tag to tag using the Related Tags links. For example, related to the tag Google are the tags Internet, Search, Yahoo, technology, Gmail, Blogging, Blog, News, and Blogs.

Real Life Google Maps

This image shows what “mere mortals see from the ground when people GoogleMap a spot nearby.” (Log-in to Flickr for a bigger version.) [Via Waxy.]

Google Crossword

You can test your search engine knowledge with the Google Crossword.

Google Logo Effect

Google recently celebrated Van Gogh’s birthday with a special logo, and David Brook’s Van Gogh gallery site (which has a PageRank of 7) was the top result when you clicked on the logo. I asked David what impact the Google Logo Effect had on his Van Gogh site, and here’s his answer:

“I get an average of 7,000 visitors to my site every day (based on the counter on the main page). On Van Gogh’s birthday and with the Google Starry Night logo I received approximately 150,000 visitors – an increase of about 2000%. Until the server went down late in the day. Quite a surprise for me. I’m incredibly grateful to mighty Google for sending so many people my way for so many years.”


Gawker Media has a new blog: Sploid, filled with tabloid-style headlines. [Via Waxy.]

Google Alternate Searches

Google tries out alternate searches on some users. Here’s a screenshot.

Local Google Answers?

According to an article by Der Standard, Google Manager for Vertical Markets in Germany, Yuri Narciss, said this year might see the release of local versions of Google Answers (and possibly, other services as well). Google Answers is a pay-per-answer program in which hundres of researchers around the world help customers find what they’re looking for. At the moment, all questions and answers are English only. [Via Abakus.]

Update: Google Germany’s Stefan Keuchel told me there’s no definite date set yet for a German Google Answers.

Yahoo and Google on PSP

Here’s what Yahoo looks like on a PSP...

Mapping Hacks is an interesting blog accompanying the to-be-published O’Reilly book Mapping Hacks. The Map Room is another maps blog. Both sources have some information on Google Maps as well.


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