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Friday, April 8, 2005

Lightweight Drag & Drop

DOM-Drag is a lightweight drag & drop JavaScript library for modern DHTML browsers.

Who is Alan Moore?

Searching Google for “Who is Alan Moore?” shows an impressively relevant combination of answers, images, and top sites.

Blogger Auto-Saving

As you may know, Google’s blogging tool is often very slow (it was so slow I moved my blog away from it and onto my own blogging software months ago). While Google didn’t cure the cause yet, they fixed one symptom: lost posts.

There’s now a JavaScript based auto-saving feature which will store your post in a cookie the moment you type it. This won’t work when you switch computers or erase cookies, but it sounds like it’s better than nothing. Of course, ideally Google would fix the real problem: servers which are slow or altogether down.

My main problem, and a reason why I left the service, was not that I’d lose posts (I would simply copy them into a Gmail to myself), but that I couldn’t post when I wanted to. Preventing the user to blog is the number one thing a blogging application should not do.

[Via InsideGoogle.]

Gmail Drafts to Save Pages

You can use Gmail to store web pages. This comes in handy when you register somewhere, and you need to keep a version of the final registration data (which you are usually urged to print out).

To save the page in Gmail, simply copy the relevant part into the clipboard by selecting the page in the browser. Then go to Gmail, and compose a new mail. If you are in text-mode, switch to Rich Formatting. Now paste the clipboard into the text box. Give a relevant subject, and you’re done. For easier finding later on, you may also want to add a label like “Saved infos.”

[Thanks to Brian and Caleb in the forum.]

Google Video AI

This fictional future diary of a Google engineer reveals what might happen if Google used its planned video upload to develop artificial intelligence. [Via Zawodny.]

Also see: Jake Found His Mother and the Google Brain.

43 Things API

43 Things now has a web service, Andy Baio reports. This is implemented as REST (you request a URL with parameters using your API key, and you get an XML file in return).

Google Book Search

Google officially added book search to its features (as found on the help page). You can enter books about ecuador or books about love and similar to get direct results from the Google Print program.


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