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Saturday, April 9, 2005


Here’s the Auto-Illustrator using the Yahoo API. I created this tool in the spirit of the previous Auto-Linker; it locates significant phrases within any web page using Yahoo’s new terms extraction service, to then hunt for fitting images using Yahoo again. (Even though adult images are off in the API, the results are not always safe for work.)

Google Maps How-to (and Paranoia)

Engadget explains how to make your own annotated multimedia Google map, while Matthew Baldwin finds the level of detail in Google Maps satellite view unnerving... [Via J-Walk.]

FindForward Direct Image List

I created a new FindForward option: direct image list. You can enter a comma-separated list of search terms to create gallery-style results, like this list of classic games.

Jeeves’ Birthday

Ask Jeeves turns 8, and the Ask Blog has some historical screenshots for you. [Via Inside Google.]

$1 Salary

The Google chiefs agree to work for $1, CNN reports. Even more money has recently been given away for the Anita Borg “men need not apply” scholarships. The Googlers are still not poor. [Thanks Rob, Ades.]

Google Maps Real Estate Listings

Paul Rademacher combined Craigslist real estate listing with Google Maps to make for a very interesting application. [Thanks Joseph M.]


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