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Monday, April 11, 2005

Significant Boing Boing

Using the Yahoo API’s term extraction and image search services, here are two illustrated years of Boing Boing.

Meme Contest

Thousands of dollars go to the one designing the most contagious meme. [Via Waxy.]

Google Vlog

Google is videoblogging about female Googlers [MPG] (see their post). This is kind of what Microsoft is doing with their Channel 9. I think the MSDN videos are more blog-like though – Google’s first foray into video blogging (with intro, smooth transitions, bright sunny colors, and easy listening background music) feels a little like a TV ad. It’s still very interesting.

Extended Site-Operator

Milly noticed Google’s site operator now works not only for a domain, but for sub-folders as well. You can now enter I think this is new; previously you were stuck with the “inurl” operator, which didn’t work quite as precise.

Chinese Google Cartoons

Alex from China translated some of Microdoc and my Google cartoons into Chinese. 谢谢!

Kevin Fox on Gmail Scalability

Kevin Fox replies to Robert Scoble’s attack on Gmail scalability (as previously quoted).


The Googie gallery shows a distinctive style of 1950s space-age futurism. Gadgetopia writes:

“Googie is one of those things you’ve seen a million times, but you just didn’t know it had a name. It’s a Jetsons-ish space-age type design that looks hopelessly quaint these days. In “The Incredibles,” you see it reflected in the design of things on Syndrome’s island.”

Google Satellite Zoom

Here’s a fun look at corporate campuses, zooming in on Google Maps. [Via Zawodny.]

Google Cache Size Increased?

Is Google slowly (and quietly) updating its cache size for web pages? It surely seems so when you look at specific search results. Previously, Google would index only up to around 101k, but the results now show sizes like 513k or 287k. [Thanks Telendro!]


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