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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Music Videos

Someone posted a link list of music videos on Google’s Blogspot. [Thanks Andy.]


Musipedia (formerly known as Tuneserver, then Melodyhound) can find song to which you know the tune, but not the title. You enter a “melodic contour”, like “u u u d u" for up, up, up, down, up, and are then presented with a list of songs and notes. A special Java applet even searches for a tune you whistle. While there are a lot of classical tunes or national anthems, pop songs are somewhat underrepresented, Dr. Web says.


When it comes to meta search-engines, I prefer those that clearly show which results come from where. TurboScout is such an engine. You simply enter a query, and are then able to switch between different engines by clicking a button. While this isn’t very useful for general searching, it may be of help if you want to compare results (because you are doing SEO, or similar). I’ve did something similar with FindForward’s “meta” option, which shows all results on a single page, in separated page blocks. [Via Dr. Web Newsletter.]

Yahoo Engineer Joins MSN

The MSN blog says Yahoo’s R&D lead, Dr. Flake, has joined “the Microsoft.”

Ask Tags

Ask Jeeves introduces tagging of saved items, the Ask blog says. [Via InsideGoogle.]

Google Malta Hacked?

It looks like Google Malta ( was hacked recently. According to Malta Today, the search button was changed to read a Maltese insult (“penis in a can”, to be more exact). Gary Price says “the Googleplex acknowledges the problem but would not comment on the cause." [Via InsideGoogle.]

Update: Kenneth has more details and a screenshot.


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