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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hommingberger Gepardenforelle Update

Google Blogoscoped has entered the top 20 of the search results for Hommingberger Gepardenforelle, the recent SEO competition – even though I’m not actively participating (well, not in any way that I’d ask you to link to me, though I just put up two links trying to increase my chances). However, the blog’s nowhere to be seen in the German search results yet.

In the meantime, around 150,000 pages have sprung up containing this term (a term which could not be found online prior to the contest launch just days ago). The current number 1 and 2 pages are from the Heise magazine which started the competition. The race is still wide open but the field of competitors looks very crowded. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not new Google ranking algorithms are successful defense against the traditional link-farming approaches.

While there have been other SEO competitions lately, I’ve decided not to post about them – too much bad blood in this game lately. However, I got good hopes for this one because the largest German IT magazines are involved. It’ll be funny to see them discuss the top rankings and speculate about the inner workings of Google, and possibly, dedicate a cover story to this topic very soon.

Froogle vs Froogles

Google has been suing for trademark infringement, and Derek Balling shares his thoughts on this. (Why is it every second article on Google starts with “Google says don’t be evil, but..."?) [Via Zawodny.]

Google Local UK

Google Local and Google Maps are now available for the UK as well, the official Google Blog announces.


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