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Monday, April 25, 2005


GoogSpy allows you to research what keywords your competitors are bidding on using Google AdWords. You can enter the name of any company to try this out yourself (note the site has some temporary problems – try again if they are showing).

For example, GoogSpy reveals MSN Search paid for an ad when people search for “best search engine”. (I couldn’t reproduce this finding at the moment, but Google AdWords are prone to dynamic changes.)

According to the launch press release, GoogSpy screen-scrapes half a million search results everyday to gather information for its database. Gary Price of Search Engine Watch says, “check it out fast. With a logo similar to Google’s, it wouldn’t be surprising if the GooglePlex sends a cease-and-desist order around.” Before this data pool fades away, just to make sure, here’s a list of AdWords related to the term “Google”:


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