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Saturday, April 30, 2005

If Things Could Blog, Part 2: The Elevator

Up, down, and shaking sideways

What a busy day. It all started with the usual ups and downs of everyone’s life, but then this teenage gang entered. They started pressing all of my buttons, and in a frenzy I can only describe as utter mayhem, started to jump trying to make me shake. I’m still dizzy and stopped working for the rest of the day. A mechanic checked up on me and I pretended to be fixed to make him leave.

Will see what tomorrow brings. Possibly endless small talk again and too much perfume. I do hope to see the painting in the hall on 11th floor across my doors. Not many people want to go to 11th, but if they do, it’s always a pretty sight.

-- The Elevator, 12/12/2005


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