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Saturday, April 30, 2005

If Things Could Blog, Part 1: The TV

Not much to see all day

This morning, I saw George brushing his teeth in front of me. He’s always kind of ugly in the morning. He gave a quick kiss to Sarah, or so I think. He was already out of sight.

Some hours passed and I only saw the couch. The couch is slowly starting to become a friend to me. While the couch doesn’t change much – she moves around a bit now and then, and changes her cushions about every week – she’s kind of talkative in a quiet way. I think I like couches more than chairs, as they are soft and cuddly where Chairs are edgy and snobbish.

Tonight, I hope George will come back and eat dinner in front of me. Sad truth, this has become the highlight of my day. Susan is starting to annoy me because she tries to convince George to turn me off. I hope tonight George does the right thing.

-- The TV, 4/3/2005


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