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Monday, May 2, 2005

IntelliBuddy Chat Bots

IntelliBuddy has some nice chat bots to talk to (I believe they're based on ALICE). I had this conversation:

You: how are you 
Intellibuddy: Everything is going extremely well.
You: do you know google? 
Intellibuddy: Google is a search engine.
You: do you like google? 
Intellibuddy: Yes but I wish it was open source.
You: who founded Google, do you know? 
Intellibuddy: Tony Blair. :-)

Adam & Eve Cartoon

This cartoon could be referring to Google...


OfficialFind is a site finder in the auto-completing spirit of Google Suggest. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work on Firefox.

Adult Search Engine

I saw this over at the Gakwer Media’s Fleshbot blog, and if you know Fleshbot, you know my finding can’t be safe for work then: Babe Engine lets you check a lot of “fetish” check boxes and returns adult site results. The Babe Engine is swamped with traffic and very slow at the moment.

Google Translator

I suppose both the Stupid Translator as well as the What Is ...? tool are powered by Google. [Via J-Walk.]

Movie Poster Blog

What a nice niche blog: is all about movie posters. [Via]

Geobloggers is “an integration between Google Maps and Flickr.”

Larry Page Speech

Larry Page spoke to the graduating class of the University of Michigan College of Engineering, Slashdot points out. (In other news, Barbara Bush said “I can Google with the best of you.”)


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