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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Web Accelerator Breaking Chinese Firewall?

The China Herald blog reports the Google Web Accelerator has a welcome side-effect; it gets rid of the Chinese censorship firewall. [Via Battelle.]

Yahoo Music Unlimited

Yahoo releases Yahoo Music Unlimited ($5/ month, with free trial), a sort of iTunes/ Napster. Nathan Weinberg has more.

Bloglines Woes Here

It seems Bloglines isn’t always showing RSS items as new when it should – which pretty much turns this blog invisible to Bloglines subscribers. Several feeds have or had this problem, and now mine does too. My RSS2 hasn’t changed. I asked Bloglines about this, and they told me they reset my feed. The problem persists. I’m wondering: who else had this problem too, or knows a solution to it?


“Wanting connections, we found connections – always, everywhere, and between everything. The world exploded in a whirling network of kinships, where everything pointed to everything else, everything explained everything else ...”
– Foucault’s Pendulum, Umberto Eco, 1988

This is fun stuff: finds the Wikipedia connection between any two words you enter. For example, this is the connection between Google and George W. Bush:

  1. Google announced the hiring of Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group.
  2. Alumni of Goldman Sachs: Steven Friedman was Chairman of George W. Bush’s National Economic Council.

Also via Waxy: Flickr is moving from Flash to Ajax (very nice).

GUI History

Jason Kottke points to the History of the Graphical User Interface.


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