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Saturday, May 14, 2005


Rocketboom is a daily vlog (that’s video blog) by Amanda Congdon. [Via J-Walk.]

Silverstein’s Forecast

Google’s Director of Technology Craig Silverstein was speaking on a press conference in Hamburg, Germany, on Thursday. While he didn’t deliver any hard facts, as Spiegel reports, he gave a forecast of about when to expect the search engine that really understands what humans are looking for, to deliver just that: 300 years. According to Spiegel, Craig said the biggest obstacle on the way to the perfect search engine is understanding human emotions. Craig: “One day we’ll be searching for a happy story, and we’ll actually find it.”

Yahoo Sued Over Yahoo Group

“A minor and his parents have filed a $10 million lawsuit against Yahoo Inc. and a man who once operated a Yahoo Groups site where members traded child pornography. (...)

[Co-defendant Mark Bates] pleaded guilty in 2002 to setting up the Candyman group site for the trade and distribution of child pornography, the Houston Chronicle reported at the time. The site attracted thousands of users and was in operation for two months before Yahoo closed it down in February 2001.”
– Reuters, Yahoo sued over Candyman child porn site, May 12 [Via SEW.] Aggregator

MSN unveiled a preview of their RSS feed reader at This aggregator feels like DHTML/ Ajax throughout (very smooth transitions without switching pages). This site was already briefly up in March but didn’t work as well.

Preorder The Search

[The Search - The Inside Story of How Google and Its Rivals Changed Everything]

You can now start preordering John Battelle’s book The Search at Amazon. John’s the co-founding editor of Wired, author of Searchblog, and brand manager of Boing Boing. (I interviewed him before.)

Rate Results at RustySearch

RustySearch presents you results from different search engines. You then rate which results are excellent and which are poor, deciding which search engines are the best without actually seeing them. According to the first results, Yahoo has a slight advantage to Google.[Via IG.]

Google TV

BuyGoogle analyzes what Google TV could bring.


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