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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Get Your Free Logo

I’m sponsoring four logos done via – just for fun and to review the site. See what Kevin Kelly writes about this service; they design a logo for you, and you take it or leave it for $25.

To qualify, you need to reply in the comments and describe the site you want to use the logo for (e.g., your existing blog), and what the logo should look like (if you have an idea already). Please post the URL of the site, your full name, and your email as well. I’m paying the $25 but you agree I can show off the logo in my blog when it’s done so everybody enjoys. View the GotLogos gallery if you’re still undecided.
Note I’ll be picking from the first four comments, but only one logo per person, and no $10 logo revisions afterwards. You may or may not use the logo in the end.


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