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Friday, May 27, 2005

WikiTrivia Images

WikiTrivia now has images illustrating some questions.

Stanford’s Semantic Search?

A poster at Slashdot claims a new Stanford search engine effort in the spirit of the Semantic Web yields results similar to Google’s Q&A. The site is down at the moment (the Slashdot effect).

German IPod Clone

Germany’s cheap supermarket chain Plus released an iPod clone, Spiegel reports. According to Spiegel, Apple ponders taking this to court. If you look at the Micromaxx (that’s the name of the Plus MP3 player) you might begin to understand why...

The Google Podcast

Gillmor Daily has a podcast discussing Google [MP3]. (And here’s the post that came with it.) The talk starts out with a snippet from the recent Google Factory tour.

Firefox Canvas

It looks like Firefox 1.1 will be containing a “canvas” object to draw all kinds of graphics on the client-side (wasn’t that supposed to be the job of SVG?). A canvas specification is available. [Via SWR.]

Yahoo Photomail

Yahoo’s Photomail is a photo sharing service that doesn’t work in Firefox (or on Macs, as Andy Baio says). And I was thinking Yahoo Launch would be their last mistake along those lines...

Google Print Gets Homepage

[Project Ocean]

You could always find Google Print* results mixed with normal web results so far, but a print-only search homepage is new (while it’s already a PageRank 7, it previously hosted Google Print help only, and not a search interface). The “intitle:” operator works, as Gary Price notes. Gary adds: “Google should also consider offering a limit to search only material that is in the public domain, where the full text can be read online.”

*Google Print was previously known as Project Ocean.


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