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Monday, May 30, 2005

Technorati Japan

Blog search engine Technorati launched in Japanese. The results of are similar to those of (not all results are Japanese), so I suppose this is mostly a Japanese-language version – and not a blog-crawler with specific focus on Japan or Japanese blogs. Other features however are definitely localized, like the Japanese Top 100, or the book and news talk pages. Joi Ito adds:

“We are still working on finding all of the bugs and figuring out exactly what the Japanese blogging community would find the most useful so your feedback and comments would be greatly appreciated.”

In the meantime, I found that Google – the normal web search – is catching up when it comes to fast indexing of content. It sometimes needs only a day or two until Google gives you a good overview of people discussing specific new items. On the other hand, it still doesn’t allow for easy finding of backlinks. (The only other comparable service I’m using at the moment is Daypop, by the way, has been down for a while now. I wonder what happened.)

[Via Boing Boing.]


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