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Thursday, June 2, 2005

Wayne Rosing, Astronomer

Via Gary Price, here’s what Wayne Rosing (former Vice President of Engineering at Google) is up to these days. Ker Than of writes:

“Telescopes have been a hobby for Rosing since he was a teenager, and astronomy was Rosing¬ís gateway into physics, math and computer programming. Now, recently retired from Google where he was the company’s vice president of Engineering, Rosing will turn his attention to a unique telescope project that will provide scientists with a wider, faster, and deeper view of the universe than current telescopes allow.”

Companies and Black Hat SEO

Mark Glaser says companies like Quixtar or CNN subvert search results to fight criticism. “It’s not illegal, but it’s SEO gone bad.” Mark elaborates:

“To put it simply, Quixtar enlisted various people to help create dozens of Weblogs that linked to each other and were filled with positive stories and key words. The idea is to help put these newer blogs at the top of search results for phrases such as “Quixtar success” and “Quixtar opportunity,” while more critical sites such as Quixtar Blog and would drop down.”

[Via Gary Price of SEW.]

Google’s Fancy Translations Math

Gregory M. Lamb takes on the Google machine translation efforts today. Even though Google’s efforts are impressive – and will win them top honors from the National Institute of Standards and Technology – Systran CEO Dimitris Sabatakakis is quoted to have said, “There is no technology breakthrough. Everybody does the same.” Systran, which has been involved in Machine Translation (MT) for over three decades, translates many millions of web pages per day, and powers the translators from AOL, AltaVista, and Google itself.


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