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Saturday, June 4, 2005

Second Round of Free Logos Arrived

After the first round of logos from GotLogos ($25 per logo, take it or leave it but no refund) were finished, I started a second round. And here are the results:


Shaun Robinson said: “I would like a logo for my blog (...) I have a simple text logo there and would like something more cute, like” And here’s the finished logo:

Other versions: Transparent, Without domain, Transparent without domain.


Monu Agrawal wrote: “I have a blog having discussion about the war going on with search engines. Any logo which express war or say something about search.” The resulting design:

Other versions: Mock-up, Transparent, Smaller, Smaller transparent.

NetRadio 100

John Blazier wrote: “I would like to have a logo for my internet radio station (...) Our tag line is: your eclectic music source. We have a logo on our site but it is not very ’evolved’, if you know what I mean.” His new logo (if he uses it):

Other versions: Smaller, Smaller transparent, Large transparent.


Leonardo Faoro said: “My website is, basically about PDAs in Medicine. I would like a logo that clearly demarcates the medical part, but it can¬ít be to cartoon-like. Something professional-looking and minimalist if possible.” His logo design from

Other versions: Mock-up, Transparent.

A Welsh View

This is a bonus logo for Robert Gale of the Welsh View blog. Even though he wasn’t among the first four in either round, he was close both times. Rob said “I would want something simple but very Welsh. It could feature a Welsh dragon, and maybe something else Welsh related like the Welsh flag, or a leek, or a daffodil. Colour should be blue to match the rest of the site and feature the tagline ’A Daily Mishmash of Bizarre Peculiarosities’.” And here’s what he gets:

Other versions: Transparent.


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