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Monday, June 6, 2005

New Lead at Contagious Media Showdown

The Contagious Media Showdown has a new top site – with 552,330 unique visitors: Forget-me-not-Panties (only semi-safe for work). Unfortunately, the contest creators decided to remove the “top movers” table from the top of the front-page, again giving the current number one site a bigger chance to attract more visitors. (I wish they’d just display URLs in random order on every page load.)

This blog’s Dream Meme in the mean time is in 34th position – if you want to help, send the Dream Meme to your friends and colleagues, post it in newsgroups, blogs, and chat-rooms, and just get the word out. The contest ends on June 19 so it’s not too late.


Gmerge helps you create wallpapers out of Google Maps satellite imagery. The site is currently showing a non-fatal error. [Link via Waxy, who also points to the hilarious & amazing children’s drawings done as fine art.]

Now you can make your own tag clouds. (If you’re wondering, this is a tag cloud. If I’m not mistaken, the term “tag cloud” was made popular by Zeldman, after previous attempts to name it weighted list or blow links.) [Thanks Justin F.]

Google Medicine

Rob Gale sent this quote from the Times Online (registration needed):

“GOOGLE, the internet search engine, has now become one of the patient’s best friends, second only to the family doctor.

A survey of 1,000 people found that 12 per cent turn first to Google. Fewer consult family and friends, the media or medical encyclopaedias when faced with a medical problem. “

Mark Felt Ads

And here’s what happens when you advertise for Mark Felt (the guy revealed to be Deep Throat in the 70s scandals evolving around Nixon). [Thanks Alek.]


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