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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Gmail Security Alert?

I’m getting a strange security warning on miscellaneous sites (any site, really, like,, or this blog). This happens using Windows Firefox 1.0.4. The alert reads “unable to verify the identity of as a trusted site.” Which is strange, since I’m not on – and I don’t have any Gmail alerts running in the background either. (According to the Firefox dialog, the certificate which can’t be verified was issued by Thawte SGC Ca/ Thawte Consulting (Pty) Ltd. three days ago.) The problem persists after uninstalling all Firefox extensions, running Spybot and AdAware, and replacing Firefox with the newest Deer Park Alpha.

Longest Domain Name

It’s a long domain name, but is it the longest?

*It’s “www dot the longest domain name in the world and then some and then some more and more dot com.”

PHP Sitemap Generator

The phpSitemapNG tool allows you to create a Google Sitemap automatically.

New Google AdSense Links

Google release a new format for their AdSense links, Nathan Weinberg notes. These are the kind of links which lead to a page full of nothing but AdSense ads (and webmasters are not getting paid for the actual click on the first link). They are now available in 4 horizontal formats ranging from 468x15 to 728x15.

Also see: 15 Common Mistakes by Google Adsense Publishers that Violate the ToS.

Google Scholar on the Front-page

Some are seeing Google Scholar linked from the Google homepage.


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