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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Google Web Video Search Coming?

According to CNet’s Stefanie Olsen, Google is expected to release a special web search engine for videos. This is not to be confused with Google Video, which searches through closed-captions of TV channels. According to CNet, about 10 seconds can be previewed from every video straight from a Google cache; for the full video, the searcher must visit the actual site the video was found at.

So when do we get to test-drive this new video search? We can’t know for sure, but pretty soon, it seems:

“Sources said the new video search engine will be unveiled within the next two months.

A Google representative declined to comment on the details of the search engine or the exact timing of the launch but acknowledged that a new service is in the works.”

Yahoo, of course, has such a video search for some time already – and they got theirs from AltaVista.

[Via InsideGoogle.]


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