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Thursday, June 16, 2005

There are different interactive Shockwave and Java experiments at

PageRank Decoder (Flash)

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I’m not sure how accurate this Flash-based PageRank Decoder is, but it looks very nice (it’s by those who brought us the Search Engine Decoder, too). Just enter a PageRank and click “Add”, and move links from one page to another. Afterwards, click “Calc” to calculate the new PageRank for individual pages. I’ve pointed three PageRank 9 pages to a PageRank 5 page, calculated, and the page then had PageRank 10 – showing a score of 24.8. [Via SER.]

Gataga, Tag Exploration Engine

Gataga searches the social bookmarks of, Blogmarks, Blinklist, Jots, Spurl, Furl, Simpy and Connotea... and also has a search-result-as-RSS option.

Random Blog Titles

If you want to name your new blog, try the Weblog Name Generator. [Via the Generator Blog.]

Natural Linking

Rick Hendershot says, “Don’t add links too quickly or all from one or two sources – Google wants a ’natural’ linking pattern,” and explains in more detail.

Yahoo Search Subscriptions

Yahoo releases a “premium” web search for sources not otherwise accessible called Yahoo! Search Subscriptions. Yahoo’s currently teaming up with Consumer Reports, Forrester Research,, IEEE, the New England Journal of Medicine, and the Wall Street Journal. Planned for future addition are ACM, Factiva and Lexis-Nexis.

Don’t Click It shows off an alternate way to navigate a web site – without clicking anywhere. [Thanks Jan S.]


YotoPhoto aims to search through free-to-use stock photos (those images which are either in the public domain, or have a generous Creative Commons license). [Via the German Dr. Web newsletter.]


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