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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Yahoo Closing Chat Rooms

Slashdot reports Yahoo is closing down user-created chat rooms.

Google Maps Worldwide Unfolding

Google Maps now covers the whole earth – well, sort of. Though country names, rivers and country borders are now drawn world-wide (and satellite imagery is available, too), there isn’t any detail yet for countries outside US, Canada, and UK. Other changes to Google Maps are being rolled out incrementally, too. [Via Slashdot.]

Site-Targeted AdWords Leave Beta

Nathan notes Google now allows site-targeted AdWords ad campaigns for everyone. This means as AdWords advertiser, you can enter the URLs of sites you’d like your ad to appear on. To enable the feature, you must first select My Account -> User Preferences -> Campaign Types -> Edit. It will then be appearing on new campaigns you create.

Motorola vs Nokia

T.J. of Sim64 speculates on why is first when you search for “motorola mobile phones” on Google. Now Nokia is also first in Google for “mobile phones”, but it’s hard to explain why they’d rank better than for “Motorola.” T.J. checked some of the backlinks to Nokia, and the Nokia pages themselves, and didn’t find the word “Motorola.” Could there be a bug in Google making Motorola and Nokia be synonyms? (Neither “~nokia phone -nokia” nor “~motorola phone -motorola” yield any results though.)


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