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Monday, June 20, 2005

SchlechtBedient in Search Engines

The word “SchlechtBedient” (“BadService”) was not to be found in search engines on Saturday when my new site went live. In the race between Google, a general web search engine, and Technorati, which is aiming to cover “just” blogs (but in real-time), Technorati lost. It still doesn’t find the word “SchlechtBedient” anywhere in blogspace. Google, however, already digs up 76 instances.

What’s interesting though is that Google wasn’t first; I checked the major three search engines on the weekend and MSN was the first one to discover this word. Yahoo also has some limited results today (6 altogether). So Technorati is the only one missing out (and this blog is in the Technorati top 1000, though it wasn’t the only one carrying the word since Friday) – which is, of course, somewhat ironic... and not very fortunate for Technorati. Has Google’s speed finally arrived at the “world live web"?

New Google Domains

Google has registered a bunch of new domains recently, Gary Price notes. Among them:


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