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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Use Google Before Going to Court notes that in a recent case, the court chastised a plaintiff for not using Google, Nathan Weinberg says.

Google Not Competing With PayPal

“Following media speculation about such a move, the chief executive of the Web search giant, Eric Schmidt, told reporters in the United States that the company is working on payment services that would extend its existing online products and advertising services.

Representatives for Google in the United Kingdom confirmed Schmidt’s remarks but declined to give further details. (...)

Google does not plan to launch a person-to-person stored payment system that would compete directly with PayPal, but it is working on a payment system to improve the way e-commerce is done, Schmidt told reporters, according to the U.K. representative.”
– Scarlet Pruitt, Google Confirms Work on Internet Payment Service (, June 22 2005

[Thanks Miel van O.]

"I Am Lonely"

People who type “I am lonely” into Google are finding each other and start to talk. [Via Waxy.]


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