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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Ein Programmierer

The German-speaking world now has a song dedicated to nobody else but programmers [MP3]. [Via Unf.]

Google Literati

Roderick Maclean posts the world’s most popular authors according to Google (he’s using Google AdSense AdWords to track impressions, it seems).

  1. David Sedaris
  2. Chuck Palahniuk
  3. Michael Chabon
  4. Nick Hornby
  5. John Irving
  6. Dave Eggers
  7. Haruki Murakami
  8. Bret Easton Ellis
  9. Arundhati Roy
  10. David Foster Wallace

[Thanks, Ern!]


Montager is a very neat photo mosaic generator using Flickr. You can search for any tag to generate a picture. [Via Andy.]

The Google Song

The world has been waiting for this: the Google Song!

“When it’s late at night
And you’ve an essay due
And you don’t know what to write
I’ll tell you what to do
Before sunrise
Find something to plagiarise

on Google
Talkin’ ’bout Google...”

[Via Danny Sullivan.]

Marketers Scan Blogs

“Marketers say bloggers’ unsolicited opinions and offhand comments are a source of invaluable insights that are hard to get elsewhere. ’We look at the blogosphere as a focus group with 15 million people going on 24/7 that you can tap into without going behind a one-way mirror,’ says Rick Murray, executive vice president of Edelman, a Chicago public-relations firm.”
– William M. Bulkeley, Marketers Scan Blogs For Brand Insights (, June 23, 2005

Re: Doctors Using Google

Clinical Cases publishes a follow-up on the original post of how doctors use Google.

BlogExplosion Podcasts

BlogExplosion adds a podcast directory (there’s not much there yet as the directory is new). At BlogExplosion, you can get page impressions to your own blog by visiting other people’s blogs (either that, or you can just buy impressions).

Google Maps Uncovers Italian Secrets?

Luca says there are military secrets from Italy to be found on Google Maps.

“Google Maps seems to have a pretty cavalier attitude to military secret laws. Granted, these laws are probably anachronistic (dated 7/11/1941!). Nevertheless, in Italy the law is clear: no photographing military installations in any way.”


Tim Yang says (which screen-scrapes Google News and Yahoo News to compare the two) is operating under false pretences.


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