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Saturday, June 25, 2005

PR Update

I’ve been noticing a PageRank update on several sites, including some of mine. You may want to check yours to see if your PR has been falling or rising. But whatever your current status is, keep in mind great and fresh content will get you where you belong in the long run; also, keep in mind that Google likely doesn’t count in steps of 1, so that when you had a PR6 and now have a PR5, you probably had a low PR6 and now have a high PR5. It may be an important change if you sell links, because the full PR is what’s visible outside the Googleplex algorithms; but it may be not so important and much more subtle within the Google rankings.

Also note that often PageRank shown changes from your access point, at that fresh results may need a while to become steady. At the moment, you may still see different results.


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