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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Yahoo News Map

Andy Baio points to this Yahoo Map mapping Yahoo News.

Gmaps Pedometer

This Google Maps hack aims to “help record distances traveled during a running or walking workout.” [Hat tip to Waxy.]

Google Video Search

The Google Video Search searches Google Video for playable videos only. The search page is very slow at the moment as it got Boingboinged (in fact it’s too slow for me to load anything at all). [Via Waxy.]


Mozbot is a new French search engine with some special options.

More Free Google Videos

Gary Price points to several new potentially copyright-infringing videos on Google Video.

Google Globe

You can “put yourself on the globe” at From the site (which is not officially related to Google, by the way):

“We are interested in YOUR favorite place on earth. You can add your place (e.g. your home, work, nature, holiday destination etc) to this site by filling in the form at the left site. Thanks to the link with GoogleEarth you can fly directly to the spot by clicking on the photo.”

[Thanks Miel v.O.]


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