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Thursday, July 7, 2005

Google Video London Bombings

Search Engine Watch points to images and transcripts from news reports on the London bombings on Google Video (enter “london bombings” or “london explosions”).

Four New Gmail Languages?

Gmail is now also available in Danish, Finnish, Swedish and Polish, Gary Price writes. They’re not showing up in my settings/ languages dialog (which shows 13 languages including English, German, Spanish and Italian, but nothing like Danish or Finish).

My Web Links on Google

Yahoo’s Jeremy Zawodny releases a Greasemonkey user script for Firefox to add “My Web Links” to Google. [Via Feeeds.]

Google Extensions for Firefox

Google added a link to “Google Extensions for Firefox” to their Labs page, possibly intended to contain the Google Toolbar for Firefox that was expected to be released today. Note the link from the Lab doesn’t work for me at the moment and returns “The requested URL was not found on this server.”

Update: Only minutes later, the Extensions page goes live and works now. It contains three tools:

(So maybe that’s why Google hired Firefox engineers?)

Flickr London Photos

Flickr is shows photos from London (tagged “bomb”). [Thanks Michel T.]

Google Blacklist Hypothesis

Enki Boehm thinks he might have found a way to tell whether a site is blacklisted by Google (or just, say, not yet indexed).

Reaction of Bloggers After London Attack

Paul S. sends in the spikes of Livejournal moods such as “sad” and “angry” in recent hours following the London terror attack.


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