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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Ten Top Level Domains We Really Need

Here are new TLDs (top level domains, like or we really need on the web today – let’s hope ICANN is listening:

  1. .spam: This domain would indicate the site is made up of automatically fetched content trying to fool search engines.
  2. .censored: This extension would be for content that is of a highly illegal nature, like plans to build bombs.
  3. .cats: This TLD would be for personal homepages with private stuff, like pictures of the dog, or the cat.
  4. .advertisement: This domain extension would be for every site aiming to show more than three ad banners per page.
  5. .blog: This domain would be mainly for blogs.
  6. .web-log: This domain would be for news organizations who spell weblogs “web-logs”.
  7. .official: We need to separate fan sites from official celebrity homepages without fighting for domain names, so you only get the “official” domain if you’re the real thing (like www.parishilton.official).
  8. .spyware: On this domain, people can be sure to download and install bundled multimedia content to display animated screensavers of cute pets and such.
  9. .google: Google is putting out so many tools, we could all save time typing if they had their own domain, like, or (of course, we’d need something like “.notgoogle" for other companies).
  10. .squatter: Domain-squatters make use of spelling errors, companies not registering their domain, or people confusing the names of top level domains (like – and with “.squatter”, they could have their own top level domain to abuse.


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