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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Labels vs Folders

John Hiler explains the background of “Google’s war on hierarchy” (that is, their decision in Gmail to go for labels instead of folders to allow users to organize their data).

“Hierarchical Folders have dominated info organization since they first appeared over 40 years ago. But in industry after industry, a strange thing is happening: hierarchy is under severe attack, and even dying out.”

Old Amazon

Amazon shows off how their homepage looked like 10 years ago. (Where’s the search box?) [Via Ghost Sites.]

Weird Clouds

These clouds are for real, Boing Boing says.

History of Laugh Tracks

Google Answers Researcher Pinkfreud (interviewed here in 2003) details the history of the laugh track used on comedy shows. [Via Waxy.]

Playable Google Videos

You can now search for playable videos only on Google Video. (This is now an official feature, and doesn’t need any third-party scripting anymore.)


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