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Friday, July 15, 2005

Yahoo Search Translator

Interesting: Yahoo offers a new search variant that directly translates result snippets, and following pages. For example, this German search transparently translates English content. Also, for some search words your input is directly translated so you’ll find result pages even if they don’t contain your query (but would only contain a translated version of it). The official Yahoo blog writes:

“At Yahoo! Search our goal is to make all of the world’s knowledge available to everyone, regardless of language. With that in mind, we’ve developed Yahoo! Search Translation Technology (ok, that is a mouthful), and I’m excited to announce that we’re releasing a beta product powered by this technology on Yahoo! Search Germany - Yahoo! Suche Translator.

So what does this really mean? We apply our Yahoo! Search Translation Technology by taking your query, looking across the entire Web and across languages to assemble the most comprehensive set of relevant results, and then returning that information in your local language. The underlying translation is powered by Systran, just like our famous Babelfish translation service.”


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