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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Dumping Microsoft

Steve Rubel is dumping Microsoft. He might have a point, but I feel nobody should be dumped via a blog post, or other electronic means.

On a related note, Steve is pointing to an RSS screensaver for Windows.

Google Maps Landmark Quiz

Find the Landmark is another Google Maps game. You are presented the name of a landmark (currently to to the right, in bold), and you must then click on the position of the landmark on a US map. [Via Waxy.]

Google License Plate

The Google Store now offers a Google License Plate. [Thanks Miel.]

The Keyboard Message Generator

Have you heard of the customizable keyboard that lets you choose which keys to display? I found the idea inspiring, and now here’s the Keyboard Message Generator so you can customize your own keyboard and send messages to others.


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