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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Knowledge of Tech Terms

This is a fun statistic, as mentioned by Gary Price. Which tech terms do Americans internet users know, on average? Because if you’re very tech-savvy (if you read this blog, you must be), the less you may understand how much people on average know about podcasting, RSS, and related technologies .

American internet users were asked “Please tell me if have [sic] a good idea what the term means, or if you aren’t really sure what it means"*
 Have a good ideaNot really sureNever heard the term
Internet cookies68%27%5%
Internet “phishing”29%55%15%
RSS feeds9%65%26%

*Pew Internet & American Life Project [PDF], May 4 - June 7. N=1,336 internet users. Margin of error is +/-3%.

On a side-note, on average “young men with broadband” were the most knowledgeable group among those asked.


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