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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

No More Sysadmin Appreciation Day

Hardcore tech geeks all over the world mourn the official cancellation of further System Administrator Appreciation Days. The IT infrastructure of today, which is largely managed by robots (industry experts say as little as 0.01% of all Sysadmins are still humans, many of whom managed to avoid getting fired by black-mailing their boss), “doesn’t need any celebration, because robots don’t celebrate”, RO-100211 was quoted saying. [PFTF.]

Google OS 7 Countdown

Next week, Google will reveal Google OS 7 in a Hawaii party of unprecedented grandeur (according to some news sources, there will be 1,000 dancing girls scantily clad in the four Google colors).

The palette of upcoming features is promising: 5,000 exabits of free storage, complete Office integration (Google Office, that is), Google Maps Milky Way, and Google Labs Embryo, aiming to connect the brain-power of millions of unborn children to further harvest laid waste computing power. The experimental Time Machine capabilities (they have been around in beta for a decade) will be officially released next week as well, allowing you to recover data years before you accidentally deleted it. [PFTF.]

BlogMeet Nostalgia

The BlogMeet Nostalgia 2052 convention in San Francisco is for older web people who were alive when the “weblogging” phenomenon caught fire during the early days of this century. Little did the “bloggers” like me back then realize how short-lived their activity would be, and how much of an exotic niche blogs (like this one today) make up to be.

During 2010, about 50% of the web consisted of weblogs, but soon after the invention of 3D story-telling, dream injections and promotional adventure trips to Saturn, there was little need to read black-on-white text anymore and this ended up to be just another web fad to quietly die.

Speakers at the BlogMeet include Cory Doctorow Jr. (“I’m happy my father was part of this, albeit short-lived, trend”), Jason Kottke Sr., and a host of other illustrous 80-somethings. Most of the attendees who moved to other planets will send their clones to speak for them. [PFTF.]

No More Security Updates for Windows Vista

Microsoft today announced it will stop securing holes in their old Windows Vista software product. This came just two months after Sasser2015 wreaked havoc on computers of mostly older people unwilling to upgrade. Microsoft’s CEO Robert Scoble said that “unwillingness to upgrade was the reason dinosaurs are extinguished.” [PFTF.]

Bill Gates on Google’s Future

Google CEO Bill Gates was interviewed by Playboy, and some parts of the interview have been leaked to me. According to the interview, Google’s immediate plans are not world domination (Larry and Sergey managed to do that in the first 20 years of the company), but exploring interstellar information mining as well. “Organizing the world’s information just goes this far before your’re finished,” Bill said, “Our mission is now to organize other words as well.” [PFTF.]

Posts From the Future

In the spirit of Kottke’s posts from the past, I’m mixing today’s regular blogging with posts from the future.


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