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Thursday, August 4, 2005

Ugly Stylesheet Day

I hereby declare the first Friday of every August to be Ugly Stylesheet Day. To see this blog rendered really ugly, simply append

to any URL here, and remove page anchors starting with "'#" if necessary. (In Zen-garden fashion, only the CSS will be replaced, and all HTML stays the same.)

JavaScript Graphics Demo

Yowza. If you have Internet Explorer 6, you’re in for a nice DHTML demo. [Hat tip to Andy Baio.]

X Takes on Google

Who competes with Google? I’ve put the phrase “* takes on Google” (no quotes) into FindForward and selected “Wildcard Phrase” from the options box. Here’s the result:

Podz -> 9.5% (38 of 400)
Icerocket -> 9.5% (38 of 400)
Peerless -> 0.5% (2 of 400)
Gates -> 0.5% (2 of 400)
Mooter -> 0.5% (2 of 400)


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