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Friday, August 5, 2005

Google AdSense Changes Determine Best Quantity

Google AdSense changed their ad behavior: they’ll now try to figure out how many ads perform best per unit, and change the amount displayed accordingly. (Google says they will only show fewer ads when doing so will make advertisers more money.)

More Google Results Changes

Here’s another screenshot showing a variation of the Google SERPs. In the middle of the page, a variation of the search query as entered is offered to the user. [Via Gary Price.]

Google Blacklisting CNet?

CNet writes: “Google representatives have instituted a policy of not talking with CNET reporters until July 2006 in response to privacy issues raised by a previous story.” [Via Waxy, Slashdot.]

Extended Google Result

Is Google testing a new extended search result format? Look what Daniel Goldman found (below the snippet are the links Screenshots, Buy, Features, and Opera for Mobile). As always with Google’s experimental results, you might not be able to reproduce this feature.


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