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Monday, August 8, 2005

Google Sued For Alleged Overcharging

This week’s Google-suing that hits the news is over accusations that Google overcharged advertisers. Quote Reuters: “The proposed class-action suit, filed on August 3 in State Superior Court in Santa Clara, California, accuses Google of charging in excess of advertisers’ ’daily budgets,’ under which Google allows an advertiser to limit how much it spends each day.”

Google Pushpin Logo

Via Nathan, a photo of the Google logo in pushpins created by a co-worker of Google employee Jason Shellen.

Google Total

Google Total integrates all kinds of different Google services – like Google Images, Google Scholar, and Google Maps – into one page (by using a select-box). On a side-note, the page is hosted on Google’s own Blogspot. Though this is very official-looking (including a Google-copyright), the page is likely a creation by Anil Wadghule from Maharashtra, India. [Via Inside Google.]

Excuse Generator

If you ever need to explain yourself at work, the Excuse-o-Mat might come in handy.

5-second Doodle

How much can you draw in five seconds? (Also, see more toys from


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