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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Young Daniel Clowes

Comic artist Daniel Clowes of Eightball fame says:

“I’ve always just wanted to be a cartoonist. From the time I was three years old, I had a stack of 300 comic books in my room that my older brother had left me. I just pored over them hour after hour. I’m sure if I had a computer or TV or something else, I would just go, “OK, comic books, I’m done with that.” But they hit me at a primal time in my development. I could never really shake it.”

Reaction to Google Blacklisting CNet

ZD.Net UK, a sister publication of the recently blacklisted-by-Google CNet, is issuing an apology. Sort of. They say: “Google has decided that search engines should not be used to collate data. We wish to say sorry for believing otherwise.”
These are the moments you wish the official Google Blog would be used to actually react publicly about issues that interest people (it often feels more like an alternative press releases outlet, as opposed to real communication). [Via Slashdot.]

Another Googler Blogging

Matt Cutts, who works at Google, started a blog on Gadgets, Google and SEO. (Yes, he’s actually talking about Google, and in a refreshingly open way.) [Via Danny Sullivan.]

Also see more blogs by Google employees.

Google Says They Don’t See Yahoo’s Increased Index

John Battelle quotes a Google spokesperson on Yahoo’s proclaimed increased index (as reported here earlier):

“Our scientists are not seeing the increase claimed in the Yahoo! index. The data we have doesn’t support the 19.2 (billion page) claim and we’re confused by that.”

Chinese Cracks via Google

Apparently, Google China can be abused to find cracked software. [Thanks Miel.]

Google Maps Guestmaps

The Google Maps Guestmap Service “allows your visitors to add pins to a map, showing where they are and leaving a message.” [Thanks Miel.]

Next Programming Models

Slashdot asks: What are the next programming models?

Google Images Increases Size

Google announced a new total image size count on the Google Images homepage. Gary Price says, “Remember, Yahoo and Google’s numbers are just claims and they’re mire about bragging rights and for keeping the buzz going especially in the non-search community. Many other factors (relevance, freshness, etc.) are what really matter."


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