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Friday, August 12, 2005

Fake Google Maps TV Campaign?

This looks like a great spoof advertisement for Google Maps [MOV]. [Via Googler David Krane.]

Color Illusion

Check out illusion 3 in this Flash.

Google’s Square Brackets

“At Google, we use [ and ] to mark the beginning and end of queries. So ["scorpio submarine"] means to do a phrase search for “scorpio submarine”, while [scorpio submarine] means just to type in those words without the quotes – you leave the brackets out when you actually do the search. If you’re writing on a forum or communicating with someone at Google, it’s less ambiguous.”
– Matt Cutts, How to Write Queries, August 11, 2005

Interface Problems

Deane from Gadgetopia discusses the “stupidest interface ever” and says “don’t mess with standard icons.”

Google Admin Console

Ben Metcalfe found traces of a “Google Admin Console” and wonders what it is. [Via Feeeds.]

Tim Berners-Lee Interview

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the web, gets interviewed by the BBC.

Comic Strip Generator

This comic strip generator is very well done (here’s mine). Some are quite funny. [Via MeFi.]

Technorati Rumor

Rumor has it Technorati’s about to be sold to a large search engine company. Do you believe it? [Via MP.]

Historical Blog Posts

What if Bloggers had been around throughout history? [Thanks Miel.]

Also see my imaginary blog posts from history from last year.

Saul Bass

Via Kottke comes a gallery with titles designed by Saul Bass.

Graham on Working for the Love Of It

Paul Graham tells what business can learn from open source and blogging. [Thanks Dominik.]

“The atmosphere of the average workplace is to productivity what flames painted on the side of a car are to speed. And it’s not just the way offices look that’s bleak. The way people act is just as bad.

Things are different in a startup. Often as not a startup begins in an apartment. Instead of matching beige cubicles they have an assortment of furniture they bought used. They work odd hours, wearing the most casual of clothing. They look at whatever they want online without worrying whether it’s “work safe.” The cheery, bland language of the office is replaced by wicked humor. And you know what? The company at this stage is probably the most productive it’s ever going to be.”

Google Print Changes

Google announces some new features for their Google Print Library Program.


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