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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Feedster Top 500

[Feedster 500]

If you’re a blogger, you can now find out if you’re among the Feedster Top 500. Feedster says:

“Each month, Feedster brings you a list of 500 of the most interesting and important blogs. Enjoy browsing to see what people are reading, to find feeds that will bring topics of interest to you on a regular basis, and to discover new voices in the Blogosphere.”

What’s strange is that my Forum RSS feed is on number 138, while this blog itself isn’t on the list! And if you look for Inside Google, you can see the same happening. Search blogger John Battelle and link blogger Andy Baio of made the list as well, by the way.

And here’s the current top 10 – for those who’re interested, I’m posting the URL’s PageRank next to the entries:

  1. Engadget (54,380 links) [PageRank 8.]
  2. (53,788 links) [PageRank 7.]
  3. Boing Boing (36,229 links) [PageRank 8.]
  4. Albino Blacksheep (27,898 links) [PageRank 7.]
  5. Daily Kos (23,150 links) [PageRank 8.]
  6. The News is (18,593 links) [PageRank 6.]
  7. Fleshbot [NSFW] (14,876 links) [PageRank 7.]
  8. Gizmodo (13,616 links) [PageRank 8.]
  9. Michelle Malkin (11,613 links) [PageRank 6.]
  10. PostSecret (11,355 links) [PageRank 7.]

Note that blogs are not solely judged by backlinks. “To make up for the difference in the short term, we did some editorial work to shore up the basic algorithms. None of the rankings were shuffled around, but we excluded some entries” Feedster’s Scott Rafer explains.

So what do you think of the list? Better judgment than Technorati, or just an easy way to get 500 backlinks to an awards page?

[Via Search Engine Watch/ Danny Sullivan, Micropersuasion/ Steve Rubel.]


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