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Monday, August 22, 2005

What Will Google Reveal?

Will Google reveal an Instant Messenger tool on Wednesday? The New York Times writes today:

“Google executives say they plan to unveil on Wednesday a “communications tool” that is potentially a clear step beyond the company’s search-related business focus.

While executives would not disclose what the new software tool might be, Google has long been expected to introduce an instant messaging service to compete with services offered by America Online, Yahoo and MSN from Microsoft.”

[Via InsideGoogle.]

Robot Standing Up (Video)

[1... 2... 3... 4]

He’s getting up on his own already [MPG] – next thing you know, he’ll do grocery shopping for you... (and then, take over the world to Destroy All Humans?). [Via BB.]

Google Stealth Tracking

Cory Doctorow discusses Google’s tracking of which links people click on from the search results. If in doubt, don’t trust the URL you’re seeing in the status bar when you hover over the link – instead, right click the link and copy its location. Then you will see. (By the way, I’m seeing the tracking URLs whether or not I’m logged in to Google... so it’s not just to make the Search History features work.)

Google Spam?

Mark Draughn informed me someone’s spamming blogs with the words “i come from best search engine” ... the words “best search engine” being linked to (but it sure ain’t Google spamming here). Take a look at Mark’s blog for a live sample – currently, one of about 7,900. Could this be a kind of Google Bomb pushing Google higher for this particular phrase – to prove that it’s the best indeed?

NIST Says Google Leads Machine Translation

The official Google Blog points to the winner of this year’s NIST Machine Translation contest... it’s Google.

Also see: Google Translator, the universal language.


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