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Friday, August 26, 2005

16 Things NOT To Say When Your Boss Asks What You’re Doing

Here’s a piece for the IT Worker’s Guide; the top 16 things not to say when your boss walks up to you and asks “What are you doing?”

  1. “Nothing special...”
  2. “I’m glad you asked, because I just wondered if there’s anything I could do for you...”
  3. “I was just goofing off in front of the screen pretending to work.”
  4. “What do you mean by ’doing’?”
  5. “Sorry, but could you please repeat the last question?”
  6. “LOL”
  7. “Wow, when you just said that, that sounded incredibly manly...”
  8. “There’s so much to do I don’t know where to start...”
  9. “Hang on a sec’, I’m beating the highscore...”
  10. “If I said there’s a three-headed monkey behind you, would you believe it?”
  11. “Great question! Your management skills are adorable.”
  12. He stopped working first!”
  13. “About that email you sent me last Monday, could you send it again?”
  14. “You tell me first!”
  15. “Your arms are getting more and more relaxed. You feel very, very tired. You ...”
  16. “I’m actually working.”


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