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Saturday, August 27, 2005

John’s Conversation With His Spam Mail

Spammer: I am miss Joy Efrata Nguluh, the only doughter of Late Mr DONALDSON Nguluh
John: Well, nice to meet you, Joy. Can I call you Joy? My name is John.
Spammer: ... who suddenly pass away because of president MUGABE wickedness towards famers in Zimbabwe, he was killed by mugabe royalist.
John: Wow. I’m really sorry. I don’t know much about Zimbabwe...
Spammer: but i will disclose the truth about every thing to you just as you reply back and once you confirm your genuinly interest of assisting Me and My mom .
John: Whoa, wait a minute. We don’t even know each other. What do you mean, reply back and confirm? I don’t know if I’m interested yet. Well can you explain a little?
Spammer: i promise you i will remain faithful to you .
John: Yeah, I’ve heard that one before. Can you tell me what this is all about?
Spammer: is true the fund we are talking about is $8,200’000 dollars . which was deposited as a preciuse stone by My father just to avoid any eye brow from any authurity
John: Are we talking 8 million dollars here? Which authority anyway?
Spammer: to be honest with you i have all the nessacery document with my mom .which my father use deposited it in security company some where in oversea .
John: Hmm. So, any chance for me to see those “documents” then? You know, this sounds fishy.
Spammer: apart from my mother and I none of my family member knows about it for now .please my friend kindly protect us from outsiders as you are the only person we have dicided to let know about it.
John: Are you crazy? Why on earth did you tell a perfect stranger then? Do you know me or anything?
Spammer: until every thing is done please don’t discuss this with any body.
John: Hey, I can’t make any promises. I didn’t ask you to share your secret with me.
Spammer: but remenber is risk free business i promise you that and as soon as every thing is done i will be in your place for investement and to start a new life with my mom and Ken my only brother.
John: Ken? Where’s he now?
Spammer: Please you have to dicide how much will be yours ...
John: I’ve asked you something. Where is Ken?
Spammer: and how do we get the fund transfer to your account .
John: Are you even listening to me? You’re starting to really get on my nerves...
Spammer: but before that I need your lawyer or I will look for one to get an agreement for both of us thanks .
John: My lawyer? What the...?
Spammer: may God bless you .best regard nguluh joy
John: Oh, shut up.


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