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Sunday, August 28, 2005

More Google Cartoons

Update: And here’s another one, via Caleb:

Dots (DHTML Visuals)

Place several dots anywhere on this page and see them create a colorful pattern by hunting each other. This is a combination of an HTML table with some JavaScript. (I’m loading every cell of the 64*48 grid into the memory to speed up accessing the cell colors.)

Here’s a variation of Dots.

Surfus, Office God

A statue of Surfus is standing next to my computer for many years now. Who’s he?

“Surfus, the guardian god of the Internet, will deliver the information you seek in a blink! No more “page not found” messages, no more “world wide WAIT”. Surfing the Internet is pure heaven when Surfus is watching over your connection.”

Googlepark Cartoon

Microsoft’s Channel 9 shows a comic of Googlepark. [Thanks Telendro.]


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