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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Google Recruiting MSN Researcher via AdWords?

It must be fun working at Google – if you want to, you can just create top position ads on search results for free. At the moment, Google is showing “Work on NLP at Google - Google is hiring experts in statistical language processing” when you search for [Susan Dumais]. NLP is “Natural Language Processing”, and Susan Dumais... is working as a researcher* on the MSN Search team.

Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble comments “someone at Google is saying, ’hey, Susan, come work for us.’”

*Susan on her homepage describes her activities at Microsoft: “I work on a wide variety of information access and management issues, including: personal information management, web search, question answering, information retrieval, text categorization, collaborative filtering, interfaces for improved search and navigation, and user/task modeling.”


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