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Friday, September 2, 2005

Technorati Blog Finder

Technorati now offers Blog Finder, which lets you browse through categories or enter a keyword to find blogs about a specific topic. Results are sorted by authority, as assigned by Technorati, but I find a simple Google search for [keyword blog] (e.g. [google blog] or [google (blog | weblog)] to find blogs about Google) sometimes works better. And I’m not saying ranking the authority in blogspace is trivial, because it’s definitely not – it just seems that Google, specializing in ranking web pages in general, as a side-effect ranks blogs quite nicely too (of course, performing a search as shown would make Google favor those blogs which have the word “blog” in their title, as people very often use a blog’s title to link to the blog).

On a side-note, searching for backlinks today, I received yet another “Sorry, service too busy” note on Technorati (this morning twice when I tried, and it’s still showing tonight):

“Sorry – We couldn’t complete your search because we’re experiencing a high volume of requests right now. Please try again in a minute or two. We’re working hard to make our search results better. Thanks for your patience.”

[Via MicroPersuasion.]


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