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Friday, September 2, 2005

Zawodny vs Yahoo

Jeremy Zawodny, Yahoo employeers, turns against his own company’s deployment strategy in a cry out against Yahoo’s software-bundling (“bundling is evil”, as Nathan Weinberg puts it). For the sake of Yahoo, I hope Jeremy gets a stronger voice within the company. Often, they’re headed in another direction than him, but their direction is a dead end in a Web 2.0 landscape. If you want to do the right thing, go for pull, not push (allow users to make their own choices instead of doing spam, pop-unders, bundling, forced upgrades, automatic updates, etc.). [Via Nathan.]

Yahoo War

Yahoo War is similar to Googlefight; enter two terms (like [Beatles] vs [Rolling Stones]), and let them battle it out with their page-count.
On a side-note, at the time I tried, Yahoo War didn’t defend itself against HTML injections, but displays user input unfiltered right on the front-page... see my screenshot. [Via SEW.]

Google Local China

Google Local is now also available in China. [Via SEW.]

Free VisitorVille

Interesting; VisitorVille now offers a free version of their web statistics software. (Also, there is a new version around the corner – VisitorVille 3D!)

Another Google Trick

Scott Turner in the forum pointed to another magic trick/ April Fool’s prank to be performed with Google (Firefox and Greasemonkey are needed).

Chat to the Internet

The “Chat 2 teh internet” web site lets you – nicknamed “puny human” – talk to the whole internet. The idea is similar to this blog’s Egobot – questions are parsed, and following specific algorithms, answers are taken from search engines. [Via the B3ta newsletter.]


SharpDevelop is a free, open source replacement for Microsoft Visual Studio so you can easily create .NET projects using C# and other languages. (SharpDevelop itself is written in C#, too.)

The setup is quite straight-forward. Note in order to open a .NET solution, you need to import it (you can’t just open it in SharpDevelop).

The program looked very promising, but then I had several (and completely unexpected) crashes, for example when I closed a help window, or when I clicked “OK” after a SharpDevelop import conversion process (there was no error message, but the application simply turned dead). After every crash, all settings were lost and I had to re-configure the program. My third crash in under 10 minutes was when I just wanted to close the program so my settings got saved. My colleague told me he experiences similar crashes on his computer, but I will give this another try on a different computer.

[Thanks Markus Renschler.]

Update: About a month later, I tried this on a totally different computer. It first shows off some strange usability, and then also crashed.

World Processor

Very interesting globes via Boing Boing.

WinZip 10

WinZip releases version 10 of their software as Beta. It’s now split up into a standard and professional package, and Slashdot says the standard package doesn’t have the “annoying nag screen.”


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