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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Blogspot Flag Day

Looks like today is Flag Day to flag spam blogs over at Google’s Blogspot. (Then again, much of the splogs I saw last time I checked could have been filtered out algorithmically... or which human always posts in exact one-hour periods, e.g. at 3:07 pm, 4:07 pm, 5:07 pm...?)

Google Celebrates Teacher’s Day

Google China celebrates Teacher’s Day with a special logo.

Vint Cerf Now Googler

Vinton “father of the internet” Cerf now works at Google as Chief Internet Evangelist.

MSN Search API Coming?

Search Engine Watch reports there’s an API coming for MSN Search and other services, including MSN Virtual Earth and MSN Messenger. It was Google who pioneered search APIs to keep developers happy (always a good move, as developers play an important role in getting the word out to mainstream users), but others are catching up, and in the case of Yahoo already beat Google in terms of ease-of-use (REST!) and scope. What Google could do now to improve upon their own web search API efforts, I think, would be to do either of the following:

What would you like to see Google, or MSN and Yahoo, offer in terms of web services?


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