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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Better Yahoo Mail Coming?

Yahoo seems to improve upon their web mail features in a new private beta. [Via IG.]

Google Maps With 2000 Census Data

Andy Baio points to this web app which lets you click anywhere to get statistical information from the 2000 Census data.

Discovering Ruins With Google Maps

“Using satellite images from Google Maps and Google Earth, an Italian computer programmer has stumbled upon the remains of an ancient villa. Luca Mori was studying maps of the region around his town of Sorbolo, near Parma, when he noticed a prominent, oval, shaded form more than 500 metres long. It was the meander of an ancient river, visible because former watercourses absorb different amounts of moisture from the air than their surroundings do.”
– Declan Butler, Enthusiast uses Google to reveal Roman ruins , 14 September 2005 [Via Waxy.]

Google Alerts Banned Sites

Now, when you’re breaking the Google guidelines and your site is going to get axed, Google may at least inform you about it. Threadwatch writes:

“Ooooooh, what fun! Google appear to be sending out “you’ve been whacked” notices to SEO baddies by email to generic addresses such as webmaster@ sales@ etc.”

I suppose this service is more aimed at those webmasters who unassumingly did something wrong, or for those who hired a shady SEO company which implemented blackhat techniques...

[Via SEW.]


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